The Dove Service offers counselling and support to all those affected by bereavement, life-changing illness and significant loss. We also provide training and workshops throughout the UK.

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Mental Health and Well Being Training and Resources funded by Staffordshire County Council for Staffordshire Employers.

Employee Wellbeing
Recognising an organisation’s duty of care to its employees, the Dove Service works with local employers across Staffordshire, providing counselling, awareness raising and training to support the delivery of employee assistance programmes.

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Offering counselling and support to those struggling with the impact of bereavement, significant loss, or life changing/limiting illness.

Our counselling services provide a safe, confidential environment to explore all aspects of loss.  We can work with you, whether you yourself are experiencing a loss, or if you are struggling to cope with a loss involving your family, carers, a friend or something else that has impacted you personally.

Through timely and appropriate intervention and support many people benefit from our counselling services.  Please click on the Our Services pages to see the range of services offered and how we can help you.

Perhaps you are looking for information to pass on to someone else, or so that you can offer someone you love some support?  Please click here for our resources page.