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Providing bereavement and loss
counselling since 1984

We are one of the UK’s leading bereavement and loss counselling charities

Founded in 1984 by Dr Linda Machin, a leading research fellow, the Dove Service is one of the UK’s leading bereavement and loss counselling charities providing services to all people in the community from the age of 4+.
Our Vision

To enable people who are experiencing bereavement, life changing illness or significant loss, to receive the highest quality of care and support to understand their grief and cope with their loss.

Our Mission

We deliver the vision by providing counselling and group support activities to anyone who is or could be affected by bereavement, life changing illness or other significant loss.

Our Team

We have a staff team of 50 people, including our administrative team, finance officer, project workers, and sessionally paid counsellors, as well as a team of 18 volunteers.

As an organisation we think investing in the development of the counselling profession is really important and so we take on a small number of placement counsellors every year. Each of our placement counsellors is matched with a more experienced mentor from within our counselling team.

Picture of Charlie O'Dell, Manager

Charlie O'Dell


Charlie joined the organisation in 2009 and has managed the development of new services across the UK.  Charlie has many years of management and counselling experience and holds a degree in Business Management & Accountancy and took over as CEO in October 2016.  Charlie is also an Accredited Counsellor with the BACP and is our Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Photo of Manager , Richard

Richard Cormell

Clinical Services Manager (Deputy CEO)

Richard joined the organisation in 2011 as a Service Facilitator and now leads our volunteering projects, as well as managing our placement programme, our NHS contracts and City Council Contracts.  Richard is an Accredited Counsellor with the BACP and holds a caseload of clients in addition to his management responsibilities.

Our annual review 2015/16
Please click here to download a copy of our annual review.

Do you need some support? Are you worried about someone?

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