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We offer counselling and other support to people of all ages who have experienced a bereavement, significant loss, or life changing or limiting illness.  We also work with people who are trying to cope with anticipatory grief, i.e. you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. We recognise that bereavement impacts everyone differently, and that some bereavements can feel a lot harder to talk about than others, such as those associated with suicide, or a traumatic incident.  We also know that the impact of bereavement isn’t always immediate, sometimes people start to struggle months or even years down the line, or just feel very stuck in their grief when it feels as though everyone else has moved on.

Accessing counselling can help you to make sense of what you are experiencing, regaining a sense of control, express your emotions, and empower you to make the changes you want to see in your life.

Outreach Centres

We have over 20 outreach locations across Staffordshire and Cheshire. Click the button below to locate your nearest centre.

How do I refer?

Please ring the office on 01782 683155, a member of staff will be able to talk to you about our referral process and send you more information.

If we are unable to organise a face-to-face appointment in your area for whatever reason, you can always make use of our telephone counselling service.

  • Each Counselling session costs the charity £45.00
  • In some areas the local CCG part-fund this charge.
  • In this case we would simply invite you to make a contribution each session to help us to maintain and enhance the quality of our service delivery.
  • If the CCG does not part-fund the counselling in your area sessions you will be charged for the sessions.
  • To find out more information in relation to the costs for where you live please call our Head Office on
    01782 683155.

Outreach Centres

We have over 20 outreach locations across Staffordshire and Cheshire. Click the button below to locate your nearest centre.

Bereavement Support Groups

We recognise that not everyone who experiences a bereavement or loss needs specialist counselling in order to be able to feel like themselves again, and because of that we have started to offer support groups where you can meet other people in a similar position to yourself and learn some skills to help you to cope with your own circumstances.

To find out if there are bereavement support groups in your area please follow the link or call us on our Head Office number 01782 683155.

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What our clients say

I was so apprehensive about picking the phone up and admitting that I may need support through counselling, it is also the best thing I ever did! I have taken away some very valuable coping strategies that I will use throughout the rest of my life and I feel like a much stronger, independent person. I can not thank my counsellor and all at the Dove Service enough for helping me through. Their very valuable support and service has made a positive impact on my life. Thank you!!!- Mrs L, Kidsgrove
I came to the Dove Service through a referral due to anxiety and stress caused by my relationship breaking down. I was extremely anxious about the future and what it held. Through the series of sessions i have been able to explore my emotions and unpack the feelings of anxiety that were having a negative impact on my life. I now feel hope for the future understanding that whilst life is uncertain it invariably is not as bad as it may at first seem. I would encourage others to use this service as it has had a very positive impact on my mental health.- Mr C, Blurton
I came because i was unable to get over my dad, grieving, and I had many issues. Seeing the counsellor has 100% helped me to communicate with others and control my fears and worries. I can now cope with life and i am a lot happier. Could not recommend the service enough. Thank You.- Mrs J from Biddulph