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Children & Young People

Are you a Child or Young Person who is thinking about counselling and is wondering what it might be like?

Our counsellors will work creatively with you to find ways of supporting you to express your emotions, and will help you to explore how you feel about what is happening in your world.

If you want to spend your session chatting about what is going on for you then that’s entirely up to you, but you can also use your other skills – like drawing, painting, writing – or you might choose to use other materials in the counselling room to help you express how you feel.  We have lots of stuff that you can use to do that, like a dolls house, sand trays, puppets etc.  But because it’s your session, and your time, and your feelings, you are the one who decides.

Please click on the button below to open our leaflet on bereavement for Children & Young People.

Why do I Feel so sad? (PDF)

It’s your choice

Because it’s your counselling, we keep the contents of your sessions confidential.  Your counsellor will look at a counselling contract with you in your first session, and will talk to you about the circumstances under which we might have to involve someone else, but outside those circumstances, it’s your choice what you tell people about your counselling.

Hear from others

Please take a look at our series of videos below, showing Danni, Oscar, Vic & Eve, who share their stories about how counselling helped them.


Parents & Professionals

The Dove Service offers a range of support to parents and professionals, including counselling for you or the child/young person, training on issues around bereavement and loss, informative workshops and group support.

What our clients say

Before counselling I was feeling upset. Then as counselling started, I was feeling better each week. Better meaning happier. I enjoyed the 3D writing and play dough activities. There was nothing I didn't like.- J, Blythe Bridge
I came to counselling because my mum and dad died of serious illnesses. Counselling has helped me with my feelings and emotions. It has helped me to understand my grief and I have begun grieving. It has helped with my behavioural issues changing them to be more positive and mostly I understand how my behaviour affects others. It has helped me to be more relaxed and be more calmer. If someone was in need of support i would tell them if you need help, go to see the Dove Service. Give it a go! I have been there so i know how it feels!- A, Moreton
I came to the Dove Service because my dad died when I was five and a few years later I understood what it meant that he had died and I got very upset. If I feel unhappy now, my counsellor has taught me different ways to handle my worries. I feel a lot more comfortable after talking about how I feel to somebody. If a child felt the same way I did, I would tell them to tell their parents to contact the Dove Service for support.- B, Meir Hay

Worried about anything? Want to ask a question?

If you are still worried about anything or want to ask us a question then you can email our C&YP Team and one of our team will get back to you.