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Children & Young People

Parents and Professionals

Are you a parent or professional who is worried about a Child or Young Person?

The Dove Service offers a range of support to parents and professionals, including counselling for you or the Child or Young Person, training on issues around bereavement and loss, informative workshops and group support.

How we can help

  • 1 to 1 Counselling
  • Peer Mentor Training
  • Group support for families and/or children & young people
  • Informative workshops for parents and/or children & young people
  • Training for professionals

How do I refer?

If you call our Head Office on 01782 683155 we will take some basic information from you regarding the child you are concerned about.

Our team of trained children and young people’s Counsellors will then make an appointment to do an assessment with the child or young person to determine what the best support would be at this time. Initial assessments may take place in school, in a Children’s Centre or in our Head Office.

We do ask that all children under the age of 14 be accompanied to their session by an appropriate adult, but will be given the choice whether or not to have that adult present during their counselling. The Child or Young person will be given that choice at each of their sessions, so they can always change their mind.

(NB. This process may vary slightly depending on area).

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Support Guide (PDF)

Other referral routes

If your GP or your child’s school refers your child you may find that they contact CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) who may pass your child’s details on to our service for us to see them for Counselling. If this happens you will receive a letter from CAMHS informing you of this.

If you are a professional you may also be able to refer into us via Families Matter (as long as you match their criteria) or via the SPA Meetings

Out of area referrals

If you find that the child or young person you are concerned about is outside our referral areas counselling could be paid for at our standard fee per session. Please contact us on 01782 683155 for more information regarding this.


The Dove Service operates from a number of locations across the Midlands and North West.

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What our clients say

I came to the Dove Service because my friends asked what was the matter with me. My nan has died, that's what was the matter with me so I felt unhappy but I feel better so far.- S, Bentilee
I had a short temper and held a grudge against my mum. Now I am happier and don't hold a grudge against my mum. I have gained a proper relationship with my family after coming to the Dove Service. It has helped me a lot. I would definitely tell people about the Dove Service and recommend it to people who need it.- P, Birkenhead
Firstly, counselling has supported me to believe in myself and to not care what other people think. If I was to share this I would say to people if you are feeling upset and cannot tell anyone the Dove Service is amazing and helps so much. It helped me realise I am good in my own ways.- T, Blurton

Contact us

For more information about any of the work we do with Children & Young People, or any of our projects,
please contact our C&YP Team or call us on 01782 683155.